Welding and Volunteerism

Welders are often in-demand in various industries, but most of the time, their skills are also sought-after by volunteer organizations.

Regardless of how awkward it sounds, welding and volunteerism are similar.

Hands and Gloves

tig-gloves-weldingThe hands lifted up for volunteerism are just like the TIG gloves used by welders. If those hands are raised for the safety and benefit of others, the gloves also exist to protect the hands of the hardworking welder. Raised hands symbolize the selfless love and generosity when it comes to volunteerism. They represent hearts that are willing to do something for others without asking for anything in return. On the other hand, gloves represent security and welfare. A pair of gloves also thinks about the safety of the welder; it also depicts caring.

Passion for Work

welder-weldingBeing a volunteer is being committed and enthusiastic. You can’t volunteer properly if someone forced you. Volunteering demands a passionate heart because volunteer work isn’t easy at all. Likewise, welding jobs also require self-motivation to continue working. Welding can be a strenuous job, and you can’t last as a welder if you’re impatient and if you don’t have the heart for the job. Volunteerism and welding are so alike in this aspect because they both call for passion, spirit, and love. Both activities, no matter how difficult they could be at some point, offer self-fulfillment and joy that money can’t buy. They give you a feeling of accomplishment, they boost your self-esteem, and they encourage you to go beyond what’s expected of you.

Volunteering as A Welder

volunteer-hands-upIf you have welding skills, I highly encourage you to volunteer as a welder. You could be of great help to a lot of people. For instance, you could help create metal chairs and tables for daycare centers or schools that lack the said materials. You could also volunteer to produce an artwork for a museum that will benefit a foundation (use the TIG welding method for this type of job). You could even help produce bike frames for kids who are undergoing mental therapy sessions. There are so many things you could do if you decide to volunteer as a welder. You may not be paid with money, but you’ll be rewarded with smiles, gratitude, and love. And those things are worth more than gold.

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