• plumber-handyman

    Volunteering as a Handyman

    Volunteering is an excellent way to spread kindness and goodness to people who are in need. It’s also one way of showing gratitude for the skills you have by sharing it with others. Some people volunteer to stay humble, while some just want to help. Whatever your reason is, if you’re a handyman, you’ll be a significant helping hand to several foundations and organizations.  Handymen are skilled at almost everything. They can tend to your property, fix up broken things inside and outside your home, build wooden furniture, and more. They know the basics in plumbing and are even knowledgeable about gardening.  They know how to treat wood properly by…

  • welder-welding

    Welding and Volunteerism

    Welders are often in-demand in various industries, but most of the time, their skills are also sought-after by volunteer organizations. Regardless of how awkward it sounds, welding and volunteerism are similar. Hands and Gloves The hands lifted up for volunteerism are just like the TIG gloves used by welders. If those hands are raised for the safety and benefit of others, the gloves also exist to protect the hands of the hardworking welder. Raised hands symbolize the selfless love and generosity when it comes to volunteerism. They represent hearts that are willing to do something for others without asking for anything in return. On the other hand, gloves represent security and…

  • Volunteering

    Finding Something To Volunteer On

    When it comes to volunteering, there’s no such thing as an excuse. Everywhere you go, you can find something to volunteer on. In everything you do, you can find something to volunteer on. You can also find something to volunteer on by: Going To School There’s a reason why you were pushed to join the Boy Scouts or the Girl Scouts many years go. There’s also a reason why you were pushed to be in the Red Cross Organization or the Student Government Council many years ago. And that is, for you to be trained in helping other people. Even if you’re alumni, you can always find something to volunteer…

  • Volunteering

    6 Self-Assessment Questions to Ask Before Volunteering

    Volunteering is not as simple as signing up for community service or in social good opportunities. It has its own set of challenges that may be unique to the individual. Factors like personal preferences and time to sustain involvement are some of the things you need to consider before setting out to volunteer. Here are some self-assessment questions to find the right volunteer work for you. 1. How much time do I devote to volunteering? Volunteering is a commitment that requires a percentage of your time. Find time to reflect on how much time you can dedicate to volunteering and stick to it. The last thing you want is to…